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so i havent been on this for a long while. sorry guys, i will update it shortly i swear!!! umm...if u wanna get a hold of me call my cell 319-939-1547. yeah im still in decorah, i love it but i miss my friends!!!
  • Listening to: "Bad Boy" by Cascada
  • Reading: Rhectoric of Spirituality
  • Watching: Salad Fingers
  • Eating: Chips
  • Drinking: Juice
im in my dorm, waiting for time to go by so i can go to class and i should be studing because finals are coming up next week and then i will be home for christmas so hit me up at home and we'll do something if im not sleeping or working!!
wow....summers almost gone, i move in 13 days, going to decorah, away from my friends, so tired....i haven't slept in like 2
so i realized that they last time i wrote in this was when i first got on this. WOW. hey if ya wanna know more about me, just leave me a message and you can all visit my other site at my space. theres more pictures and writing and whatever stuff!!!

Hey, this is my first time on this site. i thought i would share a lot of my poems and stuff with you all. i'm a high school senior who is stuggling through a lot. i have very major depression. i cut and my parents dont like this guy i'm dating but he's the best thing for me and they forbid me to see him and i dont know what to do. i get to go see someone about my problems and they're just gonna take it all away. yeah, right, whatever. if you have an ideas or want to know more about name is Ashley and i would love to tell you.